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What is a "domain name"?   Why and when would I need a "domain name"?

A domain name is basically two things; it is the name of your website and it is the @ part of an email address.


  • the domain name of this website is JTKcommunications.com

  • the domain name for our email is JTKcommunications.com

Why would you want your own domain name?  Let's discuss the two main reasons.

If you run a business, how does it look to your customers to have an email address like plumber981861@aol.com ?   It looks much more professional to have addresses like sales@ProfessionalPlumbers.com, doesn't it? 

Once you have your own domain name for your email, you can add more specific email addresses as you need them. For example;  emergencies@ProfessionalPlumbers.com  and Bob@ProfessionalPlumbers.com  Once you have your domain name registered, it is easy and inexpensive to add email.

The second reason to have your own domain name is so that customers can find you.  Ask your friends and customers this question; "when was the last time you looked in the yellow pages?"  The answer may be 2 years, it may be 15 years.  Your potential customers might drive past your business every day of the week but when it's time to call you they are not going to look in the telephone book, they are going to look you up on the internet!

"In the beginning" of the internet, it was very important to have a very short domain name.  We believe that is no longer true.  The domain name can be quite long as long as it is easy to spell.  Being easy to remember is very helpful, but not crucial.  For your business, try to get your business name as your domain name.   If the exact business name is not available, then get a name that includes your business name and additional helpful information.  If Thingamabob.com is not available, then try ThingamabobsFlorida.com.  Take your time. Be creative. 

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What's the deal with people getting websites with their name?

Simple.  Go to your favorite search engine and search for your name, your husband or wife's name, your children's names.  You may be shocked to find people with your name with arrest records or involved in 'businesses' that would bring shame to your family.  Buy your family name now, you never know when it will be useful to create a website that says "I am not the John Smith you saw on the news that _________."   Potential employers are going to search your name on the internet, if they find the wrong person, it could mean that they hire someone else.

New Top Level Domains Available August 1, 2014

Now, in addition to .com, .org, .net, and .biz, you can select from these top level domain names.  (T.L.D. is at the part of your website name, like .com or .org.)

Get your new T.L.D. here and now. 

Get your new T.L.D. here and now.