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The Top Three Website Mistakes for Business

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The Worst Mistakes You Can Make With Your Business Web Page

  1.  No web page at all.

    If you are running any size business you must have a webpage.  This is as important as having a telephone number.  Decades ago your telephone number would be in the telephone book; today, however, no one keeps a telephone book.

    A web page is the #1 way a potential customer will (or will not) find you.

    Oh, you have a Facebook™ page?  Let me tell you that is NOT a webpage.
            It is unprofessional
            It looks cheap
            It is not 'search engine friendly'
            It violates mistakes #2 and #3, below

  2. Not having your address and telephone number on the top of every page.

    If people have to hunt around to find out how to contact you, they will go elsewhere.  If they have to click more than once to find out where you are and your telephone number and email address, they will search our your competition.

  3. Not having your email address very easy to find.

    See #2.  Though many people prefer to get on the telephone and contact you, many others will prefer email.  Maybe they do not have time to talk right now, but they still want to contact you.

    I suggest a link to your "contact us" page right at the top of every webpage.