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How to Create and Send Email Newsletters for Fun or Profit

What type of newsletter do you need?  Do you know what the main purpose of your newsletter will be?

  • I want to stay in contact with my customers with an email newsletter.
  • I want to attract new customers with an email newsletter
  • I want to email my club membership with an email newsletter
  • I want to develop new business with an email newsletter
  • I want to create surveys on the internet

There are several reasons to use a professionally service for email marketing.

  • It is much less expensive than developing your own 'solution'
  • Technical Support is available 24 hours per day, every day of the year
  • Software updates are automatic and at no cost to you.
  • Automatic features keep you in compliance with U.S. Federal anti-spam laws (huge fines if you do not comply).
  • Automatically add people to your email list
  • Allow people to unsubscribe with a single click!
  • Your email newsletter will be sent from your domain!  How does it look to your potential customers when they get those @freeEmailGroup.com type of address?  Your subscribers will instantly recognized that the email is from you, not some unknown group.

How can I get people to subscribe to my newsletter?

Attracting people to sign up for your newsletter is very simple!  I did not say it was easy, I said it is simple.  How do you do it?  Simply give them what they want.  You can answer this question if you think about the email newsletters that you subscribe to; you get valuable information or perhaps something of monetary value by being a subscriber.

Valuable information could be industry or hobby related news related to your main subject; this could be anything from surfing to sewing.  The information must be relevant to your subscribers.  A newsletter which has very rare information how to adjust a camshaft in a Ferrarri would have absolutely no value to me.  A newsletter telling me about a breakthrough in diving rebreather design would have a lot of value to me.

Monetary Value does not usually mean cash, it likely means notifying existing or potential customers of some discount or special sale.  Regardless whether the value is $1 or $1,000,000, it must have potential value to the reader; it must be relevant.  Offering me $5,000 off the price of any new Ferrari has no value to me, but $10 coupon toward a scuba trip would be very valuable to me.  So keep your monetary value relevant to your subscribers.

So on your sign-up form, be sure to make it clear what value your newsletter will have, and what kind of subscriber will find your newsletter valuable.  Make the website visitor comfortable with the idea of signing up for your newsletter.  Let them know that they can unsubscrbe at any time.

Once they see the value of your newsletter, they will sign up.

Your sign-up form must be integrated with your website and integrated with the emailing system.  If you have to manually update the email list you will be doomed to never ending headaches.

With JTK Communications Email Marketing, your email addresses are automatically integrated directly from the sign-up form.

With JTK Communications Email Marketing, the computer code for the subscriber sign-up form is automatically generated once you answer a few quick questions about your business or club.  We will even email "the code" to your webmaster for you.  You design the look and 'feel' of your signup form while enjoying a cup of coffee, not arguing with the html geek(s).

Keep Your Subscribers Interested

Sending a newsletter too rarely can be just as annoying as sending them too often.  For most businesses and clubs this will typically be once per month to once per week.  There are exceptions, but if you send it too rarely, subscribers will tend to forget why they signed up (or that they signed up at all) and will delete your email without even reading the subject line.

Sending a newsletter too often will only reduce the 'open rate' of your newsletter, or worse, cause them to unsubscribe too easily.

Include relevant and interesting graphics.  You may upload your own images and graphics, or select from our pre-loaded selection of over 20,000 royalty free images.